Getting Started in Your Home Office Job

26. September 2013 The Seeker Job Search

The independent lifestyle and flexible working hours that a home business affords young professionals has become increasingly popular. Not only does working from home offer the freedom to set your own work schedule, enjoy time off whenever you want it, and be available for a growing family, it also has the added advantage of low […]


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The Importance of Market Research when Making your Business International

17. December 2012 The Seeker Business

Research is a vital part of any business

When you are looking to expand your business and reach new markets around the world, you need to test the waters. What is the competition up to in your chosen market? How do you set your prices? Is World First the best foreign exchange dealer, or are there others? What do you need to know […]



Improving Your CV by Studying Abroad

7. September 2012 The Seeker Application

Looking for that little something to improve your CV and give you an edge over your fellow competitors in the employment market? Studying abroad may just be the answer you are looking for! Spending some time at a foreign university can be an exceptionally rewarding experience and can do wonders for your employment prospects.


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Easy way to Create a Cover Letter

6. August 2012 The Seeker Application

cover letter

Your cover letter is your first chance to impress a would-be employer. Knowing how to properly structure this document is essential knowledge for any job seeker.


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Creating the Perfect Job Application

30. July 2012 The Seeker Application

Your job application is your chance to give a glowing first impression

In a competitive market, job applicants must always seek to distinguish themselves from the herd as it is generally accepted that for every advertised position, there are probably hundreds of applicants. While many dislike self-promotion, it is essential that all applicants consider themselves the most suitable candidate, boasting of their skills and competencies without being […]


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Overview of the U.S. Job Situation

29. July 2012 The Seeker Unemployment


Workers around the world have been affected by a global economic downtown, and those in the United States are no exception. However, what are the actual facts of the matter?



How to Gain Initial Job Experience

27. July 2012 The Seeker Application


Finding work experience for your CV can be difficult if you are just entering the workforce or have been out of it for some time. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to gain valuable experience that will be useful to add to an updated resume.



The Best Ways to Improve Your Employability

24. July 2012 The Seeker Application

If you are looking for a job and finding that application after application is falling on deaf ears, you need to change your approach in order to improve your employability.



Keeping Positive When Unemployed

24. June 2012 The Seeker Unemployment


Whether you’ve recently lost your job, have been unemployed for just a few weeks, or cannot find that first employment opportunity, the feeling is the same – one of despair. However, you mustn’t allow it to get that way or you’ll sink into a depression and just start letting go.


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